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Thus, koirqla is no need for off-line volumes to tell you the structure of the database. This is a simple text file, which was designed by a programmer for a specific application. This is a referential integrity between Name and Address. Thanks for the article.

The first is the size limitation 2 GB of the database and second is the concurrent connections eight concurrent connections which are limited by using the workload governor. However, the advantage of intervie architecture is that your server can be of a low configuration.

If we break this referential integrity in DBMS and files, kpirala will not complain, but RDBMS will not allow you to save this data if you have defined the relation integrity between person and addresses.

Q How many types of relationships exist in database designing?

intervieq Q What is denormalization? One employee can have knowledge of multiple Technology. In the above table of customercity is not linked to any primary field. Moreover too much optimization could sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala your app performance, so I would extend paragraph aerver “denormalization” with a couple of examples.


What are the different types of collation sensitivity? Denormalization is the process of putting one fact in numerous places it is vice-versa of normalization. In other words, each non-key field should be a fact about all the fields in the primary key.

SQL Server interview questions: -What is CTE (Common table expression)?

Tables Customer and Customer Addresses have a one to many relationship i. So in order to implement this, we have one more table Employee Technology which is linked to the primary key of Employee and Technology table. Extent is a basic unit of storage to provide space for tables.

DB What is the difference between Fourth and Fifth normal form? Arrrrggghhh yes there exists a sixth normal form also. If you want a relational system in conjunction with time, you use sixth normal form. You do not have to really say all the above points during an interview. Therefore, in this architecture, the client PC should have heavy configuration and it increases koiraala traffic as a lot of data is sent to the client PC. In order for these tables to be in First normal form, you have to modify the table structure as follows.

SQL Server interview questions

MSDE was always meant for trial purpose and non-critical projects. There are two major questionns Many experienced programmers think that the main difference is that file cannot provide multi-user capabilities which a DBMS provides. Given below is a sample vy many-to-many relationship. But it just makes the database engine go slow above eight connections. But note guys you can skip this statement. My Vote of 5 Ben Greenberg 3-Jan The first column of the information is Namesecond Address and finally Phone Number.


SQL Server interview questions –

A sweet summary and you will rock. Application programs written in C or VB.

During an interview, this answer serber suffice if the interviewer is really testing your knowledge. Sql server 2008 interview questions by shivprasad koirala you explain sixth normal form? Q What is Extent and Page? The major difference is the database size 2 GB and 4 GBsupport of. You can see SQL syntax varying from vendor to vendor. ER diagrams are drawn during the initial stages of a project to forecast how the database structure will shape up.