Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 11 Up—After Jace Witherspoon is : Split eBook: Swati Avasthi: Kindle Store. Award-winning novelist Swati Avasthi has created a riveting and remarkably After you’ve said enough, after you’ve run, after you’ve made the split—how do. 9 Mar Swati Avasthi’s debut, SPLIT, begins where other novels might end: with a teenage runaway who has finally escaped his abusive father’s fists.

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I know I can’t do justice to this beautiful novel with words alone, but I at least owe it to Swati Avasthi for writing such a compelling story to try. The tumultuous but poignant relationship between Tim and Billy Riggins. No matter what, they choose to live with their avasthhi partner.

Split Summary

His act of courage only got him out of his house and trying to find refugee with his brother Christian. But, either way, she bj touched me and captivated me with Jace’s story and I’ve never felt such a connection with a literary character as I do now.

Split is a story that will make you fall love and hate in the same time – it’s the perfect title, in so many ways I chose to read this book because I had heard about its strong reviews and awards, and I like to read realistic fiction, particularly through the eyes of a teenager hy a life that avastho relatable and believable.

Avasthi was inspired to write Split after working at a domestic abuse law clinic. May 23, Kristy rated it it was amazing Shelves: Copy code to clipboard.


But there’s another side to him. I simultaneously wanted to cry and punch Christian in the face. But what if your partner whom you love the most comes home at night and beats you?

The words evoking something more than heart wrenching. Christian helps him and lets him stay in his one-bedroom apartment upon the insistence of Miriam, Christian’s girlfriend.

He is someone who has been abandoned by those who should love him the most.

A part avazthi him which has such capacity to love that it scares him at times, because up until now, all the people he has loved have only ever let him down and walked out of his life. This book is powerful and at the same time emotionally destructive.

Split (novel) – Wikipedia

Thankfully, she avoids the stereotypical portrayal of an abused family as being poor with an alcoholic father. I ascribe this empathy completely to the writer’s writing skills, to his or her capacity to capture the essence of, say, frustration, or happiness, or grief and translate it so well into words and situations and stories that I get “contaminated” by them.

Avasthi has a character who is so conflicted in himself, having secretly endured a nightmare and also having done some despicable acts himself.

I hate very few people, but Ms. To never lose his way. The problem is, he hasn’t seen his brother Christian in years, since the day Christian ran away, leaving Jace and their mother in the spplit of their abusive father. It will get you upset… it will have you putting it down every so often just to calm down Didn’t he deserve a better one? And Jace is just such a ‘guy’.


The climax is when the boys decide to go get their mom. Jace is the real gem in this book.

When the boys drive the 19 hours home they find their mother unwilling swatti go with them. He brought Jace’s character come to life and made him even more interesting and appealing. Well, that was Split all about. Avasthi was inspired by an encounter with a mother and her two young children, a boy and a girl, who went through a traumatic and abusive experience. Mar 09, Pages Young Adult.

The whole scenario is beautifully, achingly portrayed from all sides of the story: View all 8 comments. View all 19 comments.

Yet he is not beneath redemption. There are some disturbing contents of abuse throughout the book which some people might found quite umm. But he knows what he wants, and that includes a better life for himself and the absolute want sllit never turn out like his father.

Yet, there are so many untold stories being written as we speak-Decisions being made, excuses spewing left and right, and women even some men and children fighting for their lives…Take the time to hear them. Meanwhile, it’s Mariam and Dakota swwati I really grew to respect throughout the novel.