Introduction. The present work offers a translation of the Itivuttaka, a collection of short discourses of the Buddha in both prose and verse. The text belongs to . The Itivuttaka, a collection of short discourses, takes its name from the statement at the beginning of each of its discourses: this (iti) was said (vutta┬¬) by. {Iti ; Iti 1}. This was said by the Blessed One, said by the Arahant, so I have heard: “Abandon one quality, monks, and I guarantee you non-return. Which one .

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Dhatusuttam Properties to Immortality Aggisuttam Hell Fire, Rebirth Sampannasilasuttam Full itivuttaka Virtue The collection itivuttaka a whole is attributed to a laywoman named Khujjuttara, who worked in itivuttaks palace of King Udena of Kosambi as a servant itivuttaka one of his queens, Samavati.


Dhammanudhammapatipannasuttam Practicing Dhamma with Righteousness Itivuttaka Suffering Causes Pannaparihinasuttam Lacking Direct Knowledge Sanghasamaggisuttam Concord itivuttaka the Sangha Tanhuppadasuttam Itivuttaka of Craving Maradheyyasuttam How itivuttaka win Mara the Deathlord,Devil Punnakiriyavatthusuttam How to Gain Merit Apayikasuttam Non-celibacy itivuttaka to hell Sukkadhammasutta sexual perversion vs.

Tanhasuttam 3 Types of Cravings Santatarasuttam Peaceful Phenomena Atapisuttam Exertion in the Path Itivkttaka to Awakening Itivuttaka Not Burning in Fire of Sin Brahmanadhammayagasuttam Brahman Dharma Mulasuttam Roots of Insecurity Tapaniyasuttam Burning in Fire of Sin Mettasuttam Good Will Dutiyavedanasuttam 3 types of sensations – How to Watch Itivuttaka in Meditation?

Sucaritasuttam Good Conduct leads to Heaven itivuttaka Nadiisota Sutta or Purisa Sutta Itivuttaka Sutta or Dhamma Sutta Kamupapattisuttam Ways of Obtaining Sensual Pleasures Sabbaparinnasuttam Knowing All 8. Parihanasuttam Fall from the Holy Path Kalyanasilasuttam Good Virtues Sign In Don’t itivuttaka an account?

Pathamasilasuttam Immorality Leads To Hell Sanghabhedasuttam Causing Schism in Sangha Itivuttaka Outcome Wrong Conduct Dutiyasilasuttam Morality Leads to Heaven Nibbanadhutusuttam – What is Nirvana? itivuttala


Silasampannasuttam Full of Virtue Asubhanupassisuttam Meditating on itivuttaka Un-holiness of itivuttaka Worldly Atthipunjasuttam Heap of Bones These are from Vipassana Research Institute.

Sammaditthikasuttam Outcome of Righteous Conduct