31 Aug In DTSI engine, Dtsi stands for Digital Twin Spark Ignition. Before understanding DTSi technology, let’s understand why this technology is. DTSi Technology Full seminar reports, pdf seminar abstract, ppt, presentation, project idea, latest technology details, Ask Latest information. 31 Jul presentation on DTSI technology. 1. Presented By: Ayush Khare 12BTMECH ME(SHIATS); 2. DTS-i Technology DTSi stands for.

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Thus force exerted dtsi technology the piston would increase leading to better work output. Already technologyy an account? Raj Thakkar 21 September at Flame front formed is able to consume more air-fuel mixture as compared with 1 spark plug, thus more complete burning and more efficiency.

Jon Snow 1 May at There is also information on this blog. Overheating of Engine results in Pre-Ignition of fuels i. This innovative solution, also entailing a special configuration of the hemispherical dtsi technology chambers dtsi technology piston heads, ensures a fast, wide flame front when the air-fuel mixture is ignited, and therefore less ignition advance, enabling, moreover, relatively lean mixtures to be used.

As the combustion temperature increases, oxides of nitrogen Nox are more readily produced, increasing the toxic polutants from the engine. They are produced from the reaction dtsi technology nitrogen and oxygen gases in the air during combustion, especially at high temperatures. May be tecynology to dtsi technology connection of two spark-plugs to produce high voltage In DTSi, instead of 1 we are using 2 spark plugs. At all engine speeds, noxious emissions are minimized.


DTSi – What is Digital Twin-Spark Ignition by Bajaj Auto ? – CarBikeTech

The shape of the torque curve has been perfected to make available fully 16 mkg when revving speed reaches 2, rpm and 18 mkg as early as 3, rpm, thus making the engine’s performance much dtis responsive. With UK Phone Systemsyou get the most advanced and fully featured phone system in the industry. It is very interesting dtsi technology know about complete combustion in automobile engineering. Two spark plugs produces the spark dtsi technology the power dtsi technology according to input requirement.

DTSi Technology

Janaka Ratnayake 3 April at Fuel feed The Alfa T. Web Dogs 19 July at Ancy merina 16 February at Thank you and dtsi technology it.

The benefits of this efficient combustion process can be felt in dtsi technology of better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Engineer’s Chaupal 28 June at Aditya Shah 27 March at In this system, due to twin sparks, dtdi will be complete. Dtsi technology web development services in bangalore BEST web designers in bangalore.


Digital electronic ignition with two plugs per cylinder and two ignition distributors;? Technically both are same. The pressed-in cast iron cylinder liners feature wet mounting for more effective heat dissipation. I am quite impressive from what dtsi technology have shared in your blog.

DTSi Technology Full Seminar Report, abstract and Presentation download

Uniform power delivery in all operating conditions;? PHP Training in Chennai.

However dtsi technology case of summer when the surrounding dtsi technology is quite more the Engine gets overheated which results in Knocking. Especially in internal combustion, which stroke is a main and effective stroke of an engine?

How DTSi Engine Works – Explained?

Previous entry What is the difference between refrigerator and a technooogy conditioner? Very nice post, keep updating. Dtsi technology plug usually requires a voltage of 12, volt to produce spark. Onamika Varen 2 March at Arvind thakur 21 February at Due to turbulence, extra efforts are provided for proper mixing of air and fuel. Pabitha Pabi dtsi technology July at