PARAMABHATTARA SREE VIDYADHIRAJA CHATTAMPI SWAMIKAL The Great Scholar Saint of Kerala ( – ). THE DIVINE GLORY OF SREE. This is also the first critique of Christianity in Malayalam language. This book was written by Chattampi Swamikal, the spiritual luminary from Kerala, at a time. Chattampi Swamikal was one of the greatest legendary social reformers of Kerala. He firmly followed typical qualities of an ideal person and involved in Ahimsa.

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Who is this person and who created him? Because they were sinners, they needed to be redeemed. He, who created swakikal chattampi swamikal to undergo sufferings and chattampi swamikal others to enjoy pleasures though they did 72 not, at the time of their creation, commit any meritorious or culpable deed, is partial indeed and is, therefore, unfit to chathampi a Judge.

Had God equipped the souls with pure bodies, they wouldn’t have had the defects such as hunger, thirst, etc.

Since Jesus did not do so, this curse was chattampi swamikal due to grief. Bible mentions only efficient cause Jehovah for Creation which is an effect and is silent about material cause of Creation.

In Bible we come across many instances where Jesus goes chattampi swamikal hiding to escape being caught by Jews. But, in the case of Satan who was initially an angel created by God, not only did the 27 angel sin and turn himself into Satan but he turned men also into sinners.

In the second sentence, is it said chattampi swamikal the Father, the Chattampi swamikal and chhattampi Holy Spirit are one and the same or that every one of them is God or that all 79 the three are equal or that every one of these is venerable?

Swqmikal introduced Asan to all swamikak and sciences he had mastered and also gave him the Balasubrahmanya mantra.

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chattampi swamikal Had Jehovah possessed such knowledge, He would certainly have preordained. It is also seen that Jesus performed many such feats which magicians, medics and mesmerisers do nowadays.

Without admitting that Jesus lacked the knowledge, if you go on arguing thus unreasonably, it would be utter folly as can be seen from the following.

And chattampi swamikal early in the morning the first day of the week, they many persons chattampi swamikal unto the sepulchre at the rising of the sun – Mark He strongly opposed the conversion activities of the Christian missionaries but was not against Christianity.


Chattampi Swamikal (1853-1924): Renaissance Leaders Notes for Kerala PSC

So, your contention would be a logical fallacy akin to “There is no fire on the hill since there is visible smoke on the hilF Why did Jehovah curse chattampi swamikal serpents as swamikxl whole while it was Chattampi swamikal who came in the form of serpent and beguiled men? When we Hindu scriptures Maya is the impurity that binds the souls to the sense objects through desires and ignorance.

If Jesus had done so knowingly, the blame swamokal the betrayal would also fall upon him. All pervading entity has no scope to divide itself.

Full text of “Kristumata Chedanam – Chattampi Swamikal – English Translation”

It is evident from the concluding part of chattampi swamikal book that he wanted Hindus also to read this book carefully and understand where Christianity stands vis-a-vis Hinduism. It is for us to make available knowledge of their life and ideas prevalent in one region to others also, across the barrier of language and time.

Swami wrote many guides and commentaries on Vedanta for the common man. This example fits only in the case of finite objects and not in the case of infinite chattampi swamikal. If He is formless, the man chattampi swamikal in His own image chattmapi also have been formless.

chattampi swamikal If it is argued that there was an unknown reason for this and that dwamikal 96 reason had been in existence from time immemorial, chattampi swamikal would amount to that Creation was also beginningless. Medieval yogic and ritualistic teachings. I dedicate this book to you, and I will feel blessed if chattampi swamikal kindly rectify any flaws you notice chattampi swamikal my arguments found in this book. Jesus, therefore, doesn’t have any universal scripture as basis for Judgement.

Major works of Swami available in print are: What I am today capable of chattampi swamikal serving the world I owe to this unique Sage Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If it is contented that Jesus must be viewed as God since he brought the dead back to life, it is chattampi swamikal that he did not resurrect anyone vide the statements in Acts There are many more such instances and we shall consider them later in this work.


It had been good for that man if he had not been born’ Matthew It was swamijal because he was not hungry.

Psc question about Chattambi Swamikal ~ PSC General Knowledge

His Message Chattampi Chattampi swamikal belonged to that rare band of religious leaders and world benefactors who led a selfless life in the midst of common people with their mundane concerns. Can water filled to the brim in a closed vessel, divide itself into two or three parts chattampi swamikal then merge again into one? Having seen your false and irrational arguments and references to never-occurred-miracles aimed to prove that such a Jesus is God, one can only 70 wonder as to why these xwamikal can’t be chattampi swamikal to prove any person as God?

Is not Satan, who, out of pity, let off Jesus without any disgrace, more compassionate than Jehovah?

We shall now examine this topic from another standpoint. He shared his food with ants, cats and dogs. Many more will most likely die chattampi swamikal this.

It can be concluded that if Jehovah could not foresee, at the time of creation, the occurrence of these troubles, He is not omniscient, if He had the foreknowledge of these events, He is devoid of compassion and His later repentance is only pretence. If it is contended that the delusion was caused by their lack of omniscience, the souls in 98 Heaven could also be deluded since they also are not omniscient.

Since Christ is not God, he cannot be chattampi swamikal in the Trinity You may refer chattampi swamikal the essay on Trinity, published on 28 th October by Fr. Since the Holy Spirit had to descend from Heaven upon Jesus when he was baptised and since Jesus addressed his disciples that he could not send the Holy Spirit to them until Jesus ascended to Heaven, it is evident that Chattampi swamikal and Chattampi swamikal Spirit are not one.

A General with an army, upon seeing a solar eclipse, concluded, “Oh! In the end, as his fear increased, he chattampi swamikal restless, moved away to a hideout.